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Andrew Horabin is a Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Comedian, Author, Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter and the creator of “Mick the Demotivational Speaker”.

He is the author of four books, including BULLSHIFT: How to get more honesty and straight talk at work.

In 2012, Andrew took his one-man musical comedy WHAT A MAN’S GOTTA DO on a tour of 45 towns in five states.

Clients sometimes say, “It’s really great, we’ve got a couple of different feedback tools and they’re all anonymous.”

I say, Why is that good?

They say, “Because then people feel safe to say what they really think.”

I say, If people felt safe to say what they really thought, you wouldn’t need anonymous feedback tools.

We need those tools because we lack the skills of openness, honesty and straight talk.


Andrew is a natural, passionate, hilarious and highly skilled speaker.

e has been self-employed for 22 years, starting at age 18, including nine years in a partnership that employed twenty people in four states. He has lost and made money in business and led many community, commercial and artistic projects.

His great passion is raising consciousness through humour, honesty and courageous self-inquiry.




How much more effective could we be if our team members, colleagues and managers were all able to be open and honest and talk straight to each other? Imagine if we could give and receive feedback? Imagine the increased energy and the saving of time and money.

This hilarious, interactive session explains the practical things we can do to shift the bull.

As a result, the participants may get the following outcomes:

  1. Inspiration to be more professional, mature and robust.
  2. Insight into why we struggle to be open and talk straight.
  3. Practical things we can do to be more open and honest ourselves.
  4. Practical things we can do to encourage others to be more open with us.

When teams practice the principles of BULLSHIFT, they report: more efficient meetings, quicker negotiations, more honest and useful performance appraisals, greater enthusiasm, better ability to accurately analyse and solve problems and better relationships.

Andrew’s book BULLSHIFT contains fourteen principles. He usually addresses seven in the presentation. The first is the most important and forms the basis for the rest of the work.

It is: Don’t be defensive / Be curious
Andrew uses his skills as a stand-up comic and expert facilitator to gently draw people’s attention to the many and varied defensive reactions that typically flare up whenever we receive critical feedback or hear things we don’t like. He then explains what is really going on beneath the surface – how the ego is protecting itself – and how to replace that defensiveness with curiosity. He calls on all to replace defensiveness with professional curiosity; to make it easier to have more robust, open, clear, professional, mature and critical conversations.

The other principles include:

  • Don’t make excuses / Say what happened and take responsibility
  • Don’t have an opinion if you don’t need one / Stay open
  • Don’t express opinion as fact / Express opinion as opinion
  • Don’t get too emotionally invested / Detach and reflect
  • Don’t mutter / Speak up

Participants laugh and gasp as they see themselves and their workmates. They also see the folly of wasted energy and feel inspired to commit to more open, honest, professional dialogue.



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